Small (Light-Duty) Cranes/13-56 kNm/Loading Capacity; 0-3,5 TONS

fg-38aAre you looking for maximum lifting and access capacity?

Here is the best productivity class. It is a perfect crane that may be mounted quickly especially for the pickups weighing max. 0-5 tons and allows you to work comfortably with low weights. These cranes allow for convenient use and accelerate the operation;

Intended use;
• Carrying construction materials * logistical lifting operations
• Loading light materials for landscaping etc.

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Technical drawings: ATLAS 38A

Medium (Medium Duty) Cranes – 65 – 240 kNm /Loading Capacity ; 7.5-22 TONS

Cranes equipped with flexible, compact, sensitive and state-of-art technology, allowing for simple lifting and intended for 7,5-22 ton cranes

Operation; High degree of operation with great accuracy and sensitivity
Atlas provides you with cranes and equipment with high power output and optimum technology as well as LM+ technology.

Some operations are listed below:
• Landscaping, Widest Area of Use
• Construction materials
• Load Deliveries
• Polyp crane(lifting with octopus crane)
• Carrying material

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TLC 165.2 E
ATLAS 125.2 V / TLC 125.2 VCS
ATLAS 125.2 / TLC 125 CS
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LARGE (HEAVY-DUTY) CRANES-250-620 kNm/Loading Capacity;24 tons and over

Accurate Loading. Access Everywhere.

MHere is the best productivity class.
It is intended especially for 24 tons trucks allowing for the operation with higher-tonnage requirements.
Optional load sensing system, double rotating gear, continuous rotating gear and a wide range use of such light flock or crane parts.
Crane with heavy lifting capacity.

Intended Use;

• Construction materials * logistic loadings & lifting
• Logistic Container Loading * Polyp crane(lifting with octopus crane) etc.

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ATLAS 290.2 LM+ / TLC 290 E
ATLAS 250.2 V-T
ATLAS 300/330.2V
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