KÖSE which is the oldest truck superstructure and trailer manufacturer, started to perform its activities under the title of KÖSEOĞLU KAROSER at Bilecik, Pazaryeri in 1950s. In 1969 it continued to operate with repair and welding works in a workshop of 250 square meters under the title “İBRAHİM KÖSE ve OĞULLARI”. It has manufactured tractor trailer and conveyor since 1975; got involved in earth-moving dump body, dumping trailer (semi-trailer) and garden tractor in 1980 and got a well-esteemed place in Turkish Economy.

As a corporate initiative it is incorporated under the title “Köse Kardeşler Damper Makine San ve Tic A.Ş.” in 1991. As a result of the successful R&D activities, it completed its investment in BOZÜYÜK INDUSTRIAL ZONE and started to manufacture first HARDOX 400 (400 brinell) heavy-duty dumps and then GRAP CRANE FOR RECYCLING INDUSTRY and CONTAINERS within the frame of quality systems. In this way it established a well recognized brand name, i.e. KÖSE and made a great contribution to the national economy.

KÖSE Brand regarded by customers as QUALITY PRODUCT became a brand preferred at home and abroad.

Considering the requests and expectations of customer, our firm ensures the continuity of its operations by fulfilling quality system conditions within the sense of continuous improvement.

Everybody works as a leader of his/her job for KÖSE Brand.

Every person who prefers KÖSE brand, Leaving 50 years behind is special for us. We are proud of being a  solution partner for your specific projects.

Using KÖSE Brand is a privilege.